Sensible World of Soccer – Grandeur unsurpassed

February 1, 2011


Pro Evolution and FIFA Soccer may have overwhelming sale numbers to report, their fans will nitpick every detail and swap ever more intricate arguments over which one is the best football simulation game. On the other hand, Football Manager fans will laugh at their arguments, and state that there can be no comparison to the […]

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Sane View

January 30, 2011


The doorman at the nuthouse is insane.

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It Might Get Loud

January 30, 2011


The scene involves three guitar players, each one representing a different musical age. They are seated in a comfortable, warmly lit, somewhat homelike stage, surrounded by a room so vast the ceiling fades into darkness, and the walls are a dim impression in the background. They share stories and songs of long forgotten days. The […]

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William ‘Blackbird’ Gallagher

January 29, 2011


Watching Blackbird play one would be placed in a constant state of waiting. There was always a growing expectation among the crowd, since he was either frustratingly invisible or would produce instants of uncanny brilliance. Thus his lack of consistency was his most consistent attribute. Perhaps that’s one of the main reasons he never made […]

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